East London's first Gin producer in over a century

My dear Fletcher...

I have found a unique way of having gin tastings that truly shows the story of Butler's Gin and the development of the brand. It's on my little speedboat called Fletcher. Some would say this is not exactly a speedboat because it doesn't go very fast. It's a speedboat. It's just on London's Canals.

Mostly I have been having small events/drinks tastings on the boat each Saturday. It all started from a gin cocktail with a few friends to a well known intimate day out in East London. Now when I post my event on facebook the places fill ever so quick.

I love meeting new people and even better, sharing a tipple or two with them. Reach my via my contact page of join the newsletter by subscribing at the bottom of the page to get on the boat with me. Gin + Canals + Sun = Good times.