East London's first Gin producer in over a century

Butler's Gin 9 years in Hackney

Hype Experiences Review of Butler's Gin

Written by Sam Heaton

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"Butler's Gin was established in 2012 in Hackney, East London. This made it the first gin producer in that area for over 100 years and it's where they still hand make and bottle their gin 9 years later.

Inspired by a Victorian recipe that took over two years to perfect it contains five botanicals. They include coriander, juniper, lemon and lime, star anise, and cinnamon. This helps create a citrus base that is slowly infused with lemongrass and cardamom using a rotary evaporator. I love the clean, uncomplicated lines of the bottle that lend it an almost medicinal look. Definitely my type of medicine!"

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