East London's first Gin producer in over a century
Hackney Sporkling Wine 11%

Hackney Sporkling Wine 11%

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Take the steamed gin ingredients out of the distillery and put them into wine. Add a bit of fizz and expect the aromas of a velvety infused champagne melt on your palette at 11% alcohol.

Hackney has never had its only wine producer and to be honest it was never the intention but after putting some of Butler's Gin ingredients into a batch of beer at a local brewery there was an unforgettable aroma when the pint was poured but its a shame Ross Butler hates the stench of hops. 

To recreate an unforgettable fizz of Butler's that could be bottled for the rest of gin lovers - champagne yeast is blended with lemongrass, cardamom, coriander seed, juniper and zesty citrus. What came out has been bottled to be shared with the local wine lovers of Hackney.

This is where gin meets wine at 11%.

Capture the finest of the flavours by drinking this as chilled as you can make it